Dear Lord,

Thank you for….

My life, my friends, my family, my salvation.  Thank you for having enough money, health and happiness.  For cats, for not being alergic to cats, for a sense of humor.  For food, food for thought and thoughts.  Free will, freedom from sin, for forgiveness.  I think of all that I have and am ashamed when I fall into the thoughts of ‘have not.’  Thank you for relationships, love and hard questions.  And above all that you promise to never leave or forsake us.  I am truly rich.

I love you – Jill 


Thank you Lord!

Thank you for once again providing for us, and incredibly so as well.  You NEVER leave us.  Last month I had been informed that my largest client would no longer be ordering from me, after 12 years.  This was due to an internal corporate realignment and had nothing to do with us personally.  However it was personal, in the sense that they provide about 25% of our gross sales and at least that, if not more, of my income.  I asked my friends to pray for us; mainly for faith and freedom from worry, because I felt like I should be really scared.  And to tell the truth, I was a little, but not what you’d think.  I prayed prayers of thanksgiving because I knew He’d take care of us.  Yesterday I received an email from the main department, stating that they spoke too soon and needed to place an order.  This is from the department that 80% of their orders came from – turns out they are exempt from the vendor’s constraints and can still order from me.  Praise God!!!  I am honestly grateful for this ‘blip.’ For the last month, I have examined my budget and spending and have noticed that though I tithe and donate to some chartities, that I do not mind my money carefully, because I always have enough.  In the last month, I’ve continued to tithe and contribute, but have been much more deliberate and thoughtful with the spontaneous spending.  That’s a great thing to be aware of.  In the last month I’ve also been motivated at work to create new accounts and avenues of income, which too is a good thing.  I believe God allowed this shake-up to wake me up to things that I had become rather lax about.  Not even intentionally but it’s easy to take things for granted when everything’s going smoothly.  Lastly, in the last month I’ve been able to exercize my faith and that’s been awesome.  I’ve been able to be a positive example to my kid on how to stay calm, move ahead and trust.  I’m also crazy excited to share this news with my friends who have been praying for us –  what a great blessing it is to get to confirm how wonderful and awesome our Father is.  Gratefully and with much love. – Jill