Why does God want us to train our hearts?  John 15 – Vine & Branches (read)

To bear fruit for Christ, we must live, dwell, abide in him, always.  To bear fruit doesn’t mean to go out and gather converts for Christ.  To bear fruit is to bascially show something…it can be kindness, forgiveness, patience, self-control, peace, gentleness, joy, love (ie:  fruits of the Spirit.)  When Jesus said, ‘I am the vine and you are the branches…” he meant that if we are part of him, we will reflect his attributes.  An apple tree doesn’t produce pears. In this same sense, if we are part of Christ, it should be evident in us; our lives.

God wants to provide us with victories – but we must seek and trust him.  He won’t just barge in without being asked. 

If we’re not bearing ‘fruit’ we need to ask God where the obstruction is and ask forgiveness and get back on the right track.

We need to learn to allow Christ to flow through us.

Then, when people see these attributes flowing through us, they will be drawn to us, then we can share where these quialtities come from – no one wants to be preached at.  They want to see.  A favorite quote of mine is:  “Preach the gospel always, and when necessary, use words.”  All to God’s glory.

We train out hearts so Jesus can shine through us, uninterrupted.

Evans Roberts: “Confess any known sin to God and put any wrong done to man, right.  Put away any doubtful habit.  Obey the spirit promptly.  Confess your faith in Christ publicly.” This is best done and most effective when is simply apparent in your life and actions.

Train your heart because God wants you.  He wants us.  He wants joy for us, to ‘bear fruit’ easily, naturally, without effort or strain.  Imagine what blessed lives we would have if we can get to this point?  And what a blessing we would be to others.  Use me  Lord! 


Bless those, love those and pray for those are are disagreeable.  Our hearts are constantly in training to be like Christ's heart.  Work on it!  Especially if you've had a bad day. 

  •      This day I'm going to practice patience
  •      This day I'm going to practice forgiveness
  •      This day I'm going to practice being kind
  •      This day…………….

Imitate (mimic) Christ. 

A well trained heart will trust and rest in God; instead of living a life of fret and worry. 

*Training is life-long

The only way to keep your heart free, and free for God to use, is to keep your heart fully committed to him.  We must guard and train out hearts.

The training venue:  anywhere you are, any day, any time.

Trust the lord with all your heart.  🙂

As a Christian, I need to train my heart, because:

The world has a lot of influence!  It wants us to be squeezed into its mold.

We still deal with the remains of sin.  Standard behaviors, stock responses – we need to learn new habitual reactions.

A well-trained heart glorifies God – and that's ultimately what we want to do.

"Dear God, please give me a love for those unlovely – help me see people not through these earthly eyes, but through Christ's.  ~Amen"