Parenting & Forgiveness

I love being a mother – I fiercely love my child. And what a great example of how God loves us, by allowing us to be parents. I mean, really, he could have caused people to popluate the earth in any form; by simply popping out of the ground, if He so wanted. But if that were the case, we’d lose the example of how much and just how He loves us.The other night, Ryan did something bad and I was upset with him. I talked to him for a bit then sent him to his room. He was upset, but not contrite. He was crying and hurt but initially because he was in trouble, not so much because he was sorry.

As I lay in bed, I prayed for him. I prayed that he would come in my room and apologize. I needed him to take the first step, so that I could immediately forgive him. I wanted to remove the pain he was feeling.  I wanted to forgive him so bad, but I couldn’t go in his room – he had to make the first move. Thinking about this today made me realize this is kind of how God must feel. Waiting for us to come to him, to repent and be freed of the guilt and saddness we’re carrying. So he can immediately forgive us. How awesome is that?


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